How to name you home fragrance products.

by Zena Ugolini

campfire,toastedmarshmallow,fire,marshmallow,smoresWhen it comes to giving your home fragrance products a name it really comes down to two aspects:

Does it accurately indicate the scent?

Does it appeal to you customer demographic?

While it can be tempting to go to town and make the new name super wacky and unique. It's important to ask yourself... would it appeal to your customers and would they understand what it is.

By now, on your small business journey you should have started to understand your customer demographic. Carefully look at the age range of your customers and what they are generally interested in.

If they are young (under 35) then have fun with abstract names. If they are more mature, then these abstract names will unlikely appeal to them, so something more classy may be wiser.

Of course this is not to say that someone of a certain age group only likes a specific thing. It's more of understanding the majority of your demographic, as if you appeal to them, you will have enough customers who will continue to support your business and allow you to do what you love.

Ideas on what to rename your products

We think this is one of the best bits in the creative process. And now that we have 5 brand new Autumnal fragrance oils available, lets have a little fun with some of these.

1. Chubby Bunny

With its sweet concoction of mint, strawberry and marshmallow... this naughty little fragrance deserves some cheek!

When we named it we were inspired by the game of shoving marshmallows in your mouth whilst trying to clearly say "Chubby Bunny."

Alternative names could be:

  • Stud Muffin
  • Marshmallow Sensation
  • S'more the Merrier

2. Sticky Toffee Apple

A sweet apple fragrance with notes of sticky toffee, reminiscent of a toffee apple. This is a scent everyone will love, so it's a good idea to make it quite obvious of what it is.

Why not rename it to:

  • Apple Bobbing
  • Candy Apple
  • Sweet Treats

Come have a look at all of the brand new Autumn fragrance oils? We also have seven recommended scents from our existing fragrance oils here.

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