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Fragrance oil perfection. Guaranteed.

Here at Craft HQ we thoroughly test all fragrance oils to ensure they perform as well as can be in candles, wax melts and lots of other fragranced products.

We know what it takes

Starting your own candle and wax melt business is hard work. Not only have you got to perfect your craft and create the best candles and wax melts possible, but you also need to market yourself and get customers! As owners of a successful UK based home fragrance brand, we know what it takes. We have created Craft HQ to help other candle and wax melt businesses start, grow and thrive through the use of our unique fragrance oils and marketing advice.

Craft HQ

Unit 7 Boss Hall Road
Ipswich, IP1 5BN

Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm

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