What are the best Autumn fragrance oils?

by Zena Ugolini

autumnleaves,autumn,crispyleaves,leavesonground,fallenleavesWith Autumn just around the corner it's now time to seriously start thinking about what fragrances you are going to use and what home fragrance products you are going to craft from them.

At Craft HQ we have a selection of fragrance oils that perfectly sum up the Cosy season, but here are our 7 recommended scents that perfectly suit an Autumnal theme.

1. Smoky Charcoal & Black Pepper

Discover a new strength and energy with this woody oriental fragrance of tantalising depths.

Top notes: bergamot, cracked black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, patchouli, cedar.

Mid notes: Amber, balsams

Base notes: soft vanilla, smoky charcoal

2. Autumn Raspberry & Amber Rose

Our Autumn Raspberry & Amber Rose fragrance oil is the deliciously soft and velvety vibes of Autumn Bliss.

Top notes: ripe raspberries, blackberries

Mid notes: rose petals, liquid amber

Base notes: cashmere musk, enchanted woods, gourmand vanilla

3. Spiced Cappuccino

A strong coffee scent with a hint of spice makes this a sophisticated and delightful cappuccino fragrance oil that's full of flavour.

Top notes: roasted coffee beans, chocolate

Mid notes: milky, lactonics

Base: creamy vanilla

4. Sunkissed Raisins & Autumn Leaves

Taking a stroll amongst the falling leaves while soaking up the Autumn sunshine as the harvest season teases with all it's victorious bounty.

Top notes: golden raisins, dried fruits

Mid notes: cardamon pods, creamy vanilla

Base notes: orange leaves, cashmere musks

5. Bramble Berries & Evergreen

A rich and exuberant fragrance that is the epitome of a late summer walk through the trees whilst you forage through the brambles and hedgerows to get to all of the juicy berries aligning your path.

Top notes: brambles, blackberries, raspberries, freshly peeled citrus zest

Mid notes: green grape vine leaves, orange blossom stems

Base: soft powders


6. Fiery Ginger & Sandalwood

The perfect blend of a fresh breeze with a blast of fiery Autumn heat to warm your heart and cosy on down, ready for the fall season.

Top notes: ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, eucalyptus, birch leaf

Mid notes: earthy vetiver, patchouli

Base notes: creamy sandalwood, amber, sun-beaten leather

7. Mystical Woods

Inspired by nature and the strength of wood, let this fragrance capture the imagination and take you on a journey into an enchanted forest. 

Top notes: crisp eucalyptus, cardamon

Mid notes: clove, woods

Base notes: dry vetiver, sandalwood, cedar, amber, moss, musk, rich patchouli

In Summary

Whether you introduce an Autumnal themed product or a collection, it's a clever idea to base the scents on what customers would expect to enjoy at this time of year. And maybe a surprise scent thrown into the mix.

The objective of seasonal launches is to showcase your knowledge and expertise of amazingly fragranced products as well as bringing in those all important orders. 

And course there are an abundance of the types of products you can offer, from wax melts, candles, reed diffusers and more.

Look at Autumn as an ideal season to get creative and explore all of what it has to offer. After all it's the season that people really start to think about spending more time inside, so why not assist them in making their home a beautifully fragranced environment to enjoy to it's fullest.



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