5 Brand New Autumnal fragrance oils to try

by Zena Ugolini


As the nights start to draw in earlier and earlier, more and many people will start to spend more time inside. This is a great opportunity for your home fragrance business, for when your customers spend more time inside their homes, the more likely they will crave a beautiful scent to accompany them.

Autumn is such a fun season to play around with different scent groups. With sweet & sticky, cosy & warm, crisp & crunchy to spooky & dark scents... we really are spoilt for choice.

While we recommend fragrance oils that work perfectly well from our existing line of scents, it's always great to have more choice. So let us introduce you to 5 brand new Autumnal fragrance oils:

1. Chubby Bunny

A must have this Autumn, Chubby Bunny brings back fun memories of cramming as many marshmallows in your mouth whilst clearly saying "Chubby Bunny." With it's fresh hint of mint and soft vanilla and musks, it's a campfire winner.

Top notes: mint, strawberry

Mid note: marshmallow

Base notes: vanilla, musk

2. Musk Till Dawn

A bountiful fragrance of rich scents, starting with creamy coconut and sandalwood. This fragrance will be sure to ease your transition into the cosy season with its earthy musks.

Top notes: coconut, sandalwood

Mid notes: orange flower

Base notes: musk, cedarwood, amber

3. Sticky Toffee Apple

A traditional fragrance, reminiscent of a sweet treat of toffee apples won on at an Autumn carnival. Although this one certainly won't be risk to your teeth!

Top note: apple, pear

Mid note: toffee

Base notes: sugary treats

4. Harvest Moon

OWOOOOO! Much like the wolf this fragrance oil arouses a wonderment of curiosity and mystique in the air. Perfect for settling into harvest time festivities.

Top notes: white jasmine, florals

Mid notes: mix of sweet and citrus fruits

Base note: musk

5. Pumpkin Patch

Round the kids up, grab the picnic blanket, pop to the local pumpkin field and bask in the autumn sun while you create memories. The smell of pumpkin, spices and sweet apple will fill you with warmth.

Top note: pumpkin

Mid note: warm spices

Base note: sweet apple

What plans do you have for Autumn?

We absolutely love to hear what plans you have for your home fragrance businesses. After-all when you feel inspired, so do we. 

Share with us what you are creating and what works well for you. Or even your unwanted "wax-idents" that happen to us all.

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