IFRA 49th amendment and reed diffusers

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IFRA 49th Amendment & Reed Diffusers

Many of our customers have been asking about reed diffusers and the 49th amendment of the IFRA documentation, so we thought we would put together this document to help you all understand the changes.

What is an IFRA document?

IFRA is the International Fragrance Association and it promotes the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment.

This includes continually working to improve the safety of the chemicals we work with and ensure that all information is published in time for us to make amendments to our products. 

What is the 49th amendment?

The 49th amendment simply put is the 49th change they have made to the regulations.

IFRA works tirelessly to ensure the products we make and send out are as safe as they can be.  

The typical set up for an IFRA document is two tables across two pages. Table one is a list of the categories and the maximum percentages you can use. Table two is a list of the categories and what is in each.

So for instance making reed diffusers you’ll need to look at 10A on the IFRA documentation, but making candles or wax melts you’ll need category 12.

Typically we have heard from customers who want to use our unique fragrance oils in reed diffusers at 19% or more, so we have put together a list.  

As well as being able to read and understand an SDS it is important to be able to understand the IFRA documentation and what it means for you and your business.


The changes that IFRA implement are to ensure you are safe as well as your customers. You can read more on the IFRA website here.

If you have any questions about this article please get in contact via email or phone and we’ll happily discuss these with you.

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  • Darren Cooper

    Hi as I am new to this and like to try making read diffuser what Percentage of diffuser oils base do I need to use please thank you Darren

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