CLP labelling elements and what they mean

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CLP can be very tricky and time consuming, but, if you are selling wax melts and candles you need to make sure your business is compliant.

We have got the knowledge to help you through understanding the legislation and ensuring your business is following the correct guidelines. 

Let’s look at an example of a CLP label and talk through it.

What is the product identifier?

This is the part of the CLP label where you give your product a name.

In this image you can see that the product identifier is "Ice Pixie"

Why is it important on the CLP label?

The CLP label contains all the safety information that correctly identifies the product with the corresponding allergen info and potential warnings.

Having the product name on the same label signifies you are a responsible creator of home fragrance products.

Allergen information 

A must have for any CLP label.

Allergen information is the part of the label that lists all the ingredients that can cause a reaction.

The details of what allergens are in each fragrance oil are listed in the accompanying Safety Data Sheet. When ordering fragrance oils with Craft HQ, we can sort this vital info for you.

*It's important to note that not all fragrance oils have allergens to list and you should always use the matching SDS to get this information

Hazard statements

Hazard statements are important to list to give the full information to the customer. There are many different statements that may be required.

For this example the hazard statement is: May cause an allergic reaction to skin

*It's important to note that not all fragrance oils have hazards to list 

Precautionary & general statements 

These are also included on the label and may include wording like:

Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. 

  • Note: not all CLP labels will require these statements and they will all be different and unique to each fragrance used 

⁠Signal words

Signal word is important, as this highlights how dangerous the product can be to the end user. 

Words such as danger and warning are most often used. Ice Pixie has a signal word of: Warning. 

  • Note: not all CLP labels will require a signal word and they will all be different and unique to each fragrance used 


We know they are not the most sightly of pictures and may interfere with your brand aesthetic, however if the safety data sheet requires them, these are NOT to be skipped.⁠

They MUST be in full colour (red) and a minimum of 1cm along each line. ⁠

Your business name + address details⁠

Of course you want your business name on the label, after all your customers love your products so make sure they don't forget who crafted their favourite little wonders.⁠

And as you are the one crafting the product, you are therefore also responsible for placing it on the market.⁠

Your address details are a must on a CLP, for consumers to contact you, if any discussions need to be raised.⁠

To learn more about CLP, visit our CLP Hub. With every fragrance oil you purchase with us we give you FREE CLP labels! 

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    Hi I did use to make wax melts but I’m worried about. What you have to do to sell them legally, don’t you have to put all you our wax melts or candles online somewhere? By law can you please help me

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