Getting your Candle business ready for Spring

by Zena Ugolini

The Best Spring Fragrances Oils - top 5 picks for 2022


Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The lambs are bouncing in the green fields, the flowers are ready to bloom and the air is starting to warm.

Here at Craft HQ we have selected 5 Fragrance Oils that we believe are perfect for enjoying the fresh and beautiful season of Spring.


purple Japanese wisteria flower on a cool spring morning

Japanese Wisteria

This beautiful, purple flower is usually seen adorning picturesque cottages, creating a whimsical effect and bewitching passerby with it’s sweet and floral aromas.

So imagine crafting stunning lilac wax melts with a glimpse of dried purple petals peaking through to the surface. 

Scent notes: Cascades of wisteria, invigorating bergamot & rich cedar.


golden honey in a glass jar, on a wooden table

Bee Cause

This warming fragrance is full of the good vibes, with its hit of sweet honey and fragrant orange flower, this fragrance oil will be sure to get your customers asking for more.

Why not try crafting your Bee Cause scented wax melts into honeycomb shaped moulds? To make them even more unique, brush a dusting of golden shimmer across the top. 

Scent notes: Sweet honey, bright magnolia, orange flower & earthly wheat.


delicate floral petals floating in iced water, in fine china cup


This stunning fragrance will invoke sweet memories of days chilling in the morning sun and starting the day by smelling the spring flowers awakening in a cottage style garden.

With white jasmine and a touch of honey this scent would be perfect as an elegant candle that will fill your customer’s home with heavenly, floral delights.

Scent notes: Floral jasmine, exuberant orange flower, tender tuberose, honey & vetiver.


fresh and crisp air over the top of green forests and snow capped mountains

Fresh Breeze

Clear away the winter cobwebs with this revitalising, fresh fragrance. This is one of dupe fragrances that will remind your customers of a popular fabric conditioner.

Fashion this scent into gorgeous clean & simple looking wax melts. And when your customers melt them they’ll be transported to clear skies and feel like they are floating above the snow capped mountains.

Scent notes: Spring flowers, natural patchouli, white cedar.


pink rose garden and blue skies


This charming fragrance oil has a soft and musky essence that will cleanse any home and invoke fond memories of fresh, soapy suds that softly melt away with the gentlest of touch.

This scent can be perfectly crafted into a beautiful candle or as delightful wax melts. Try adding dried rose petals to highlight one of it’s key elements.

Scent notes: Floral rose, fresh jasmine, warm musk, moss, earthly woods & sweet buttermilk.


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