Spring inspired fragrance oils for your wax melt and candle business

by Tamar Mayne

Spring Fragrance Oils

Spring is an important time in the home fragrance calendar as it is a time during which your customers are looking for exciting new fragrances and products. It is time to start focusing on the change of season and releasing a new collection of scented products for your existing customers and to wow potential new customers. 

With spring comes freshness and cleanliness so ensuring you have a few fragrances that are in keeping with this category is key. 

During spring time, we also have Easter. This is synonymous with fragrances such as hot cross buns and chocolate, so offering a selection of sweet treat inspired products is great for your customers. 

Whether you make wax melts, candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, cosmetic products such as bath bombs or more we have a range of fragrance oils that will help your spring and easter collections stand out and make your customers say ‘wow, I need to try that’. 

We have a wide range of fragrance oils including but not limited to the following: 

Bee Cause fragrance oil is the epitome of spring.

Honey, grains and all the goodness of bees have been giftwrapped with a bow in one sweet fragrance.

Top: Honey, Magnolia
Midd: Orange Flower, Wheat
Base: Pollen 


Chubby Bunny is the ultimate sweet treat of a fragrance oil.

A devilishly sweet concoction of mint, strawberry and marshmallow surrounding a heart of vanilla and musk.

Sweet, playful and full of sugary notes. 

Daffodils flowing in the breeze, what could be more spring like than that! 

A sea of happiness. Yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze on a warm spring morning fill you with happiness and joy for the new season ahead.

Top: Daffodil, yellow

Midd: Green, aldehyde

Base: Grass

Daisy Chain brings a perfume element to spring with fresh flowers and sandalwood. 

Inspired by the perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs. A sophisticated floral bouquet surrounded with hints of raspberry and pear unfolding into a warm plum heart. Rounded off with powdery musk notes this is a wonderful fragrance to welcome in the beautiful mornings. 

Top: Wild Berries, White Violet

Midd: Jasmine Infusion

Base: Sandalwood

Hot Cross Buns, what more do I need to say! 

Sweet and sticky hot cross buns straight from the oven. A warm and intoxicating mix of orange peel and spices add depth to this delightfully scrumptious bakery scent.

Top: Warm dough, currants

Midd: Orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg

Base: Vanilla, sugar, icing


Sunflower Fields is a beautiful fragrance oil that will wow your customers this spring. 

Sweet ripe apples fall from the trees in the sunflower fields. Take a spring stroll through tall grass surrounded by fresh notes of pear and green plants, while a warm breeze embraces you. 

Top: Green apple

Mid: Aldehydes

Base: Ripe pear


Fresh Breeze is the perfect fragrance oil to start your spring collection with it’s clean and fresh aroma. 

Similar in style and identity to the Lenor fabric conditioner Spring Awakening.

Wrapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting fragrance oil that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.

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