Seasonal scents and how to benefit from them

by Zena Ugolini


In the home fragrance industry autumn and winter are the best months for bringing in orders.


When it's colder outside and the nights draw in sooner, people will naturally find things to do inside. And if they are in their homes and enjoy a good wax melt to fragrance it with, they are more likely to use more... hence they will be inclined to order more.

So try and cater for this increase in demand. 

How can I use the seasons to benefit by business?

As well as your signature range of scents, you should definitely think about introducing limited edition seasonal scents (if you haven't already).

What we mean by this, is launching scents that encapsulate that time of year.

For example:

Autumn would usually be scents that are a mix of fresh and soft scents, that help create a cosy and warm atmosphere as your customers start to wear their knitted jumpers and scarves.

Winter is where you can get very creative and include all of the Christmassy scents that embody all of those festive vibes. Scents can range from spicy, fresh, minty, desert-like and musky.

Spring is the start of new beginnings, so look into fresh, floral and light scents.

Summer is definitely another one you can have lots of fun with. Bring some adventure to your customers senses with excitable, bright & fruity scents.

When should I start planning for the next season of scents?

As soon as you can.

In business (regardless of how big your operations currently are) you should always be planning as far in advance as you can. This will give you the best chance at succeeding. It reduces stress and helps you keep a clear head, especially if you encounter any unexpected issues (this is just a part of business, so all we can do is manage the impact by being as prepared as possible).

Another bonus of planning in advance is that if you are using manufacturers for anything, like for example custom packaging, you will have the peace of mind of them arriving in time. Just remember to factor these costs to your budgeting. If you are still fairly small, this may not be an option to you until your cash flow is more secure, which means you may not be able to afford ordering in advance. 

Researching competitors and trends

Keeping an eye on your competitors is only a good idea if you avoid comparing yourselves to them. Instead use them as inspiration for new ideas from what they are doing right and having success from. There will likely be aspects that will be similar and that's ok.

If you see something you like, don't copy! Instead adapt and make it your own. there is enough space for all of us out there and if you maintain your brand being unique, you've got a greater chance at really making your mark in this industry.

It's always useful to keep an ear to the ground of what is currently trending and look at predictions of what will likely be trending in the near future. Some you will master and have success from, others you may miss the mark. Risk is part of running a business, it may be scary at times committing to something you are not completely confident will work but it is also exhilarating when it does.

Just remember to celebrate every win and treat any thing else as a lesson learnt.


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