PPE for making wax melts & candles

by Paul Mayne
PPE for candle making

So you have all of the fragrance oils, wax and the equipment to make some stunning wax melts and candles. But have you thought about your own safety for when you will be mixing and crafting it all?

Personal Protection Equipment, or better known as PPE nowadays, is crucial in helping prevent injuries through accidents but will also protect you from inhalation and skin irritation related issues.

So let’s break it down on what PPE you will need to safely create your home fragranced wonders.


Wearing gloves help protect your hands from skin irritation from exposure to substances like fragrance oils. Just be mindful that the messier they get the more likely the material will start to break down. We recommend getting yourself a pack of disposable gloves that you can change when needed.

Can I use reusable gloves?
Yes of course, but be mindful that they will still only have so much life in them. Once the material either starts to break down or becomes saturated with oil, it’s time to change them.


Wearing an apron goes without saying. You will have a wax/oil related accident at some point, in your home fragrance journey, so get a good apron that fits well and that has thick enough material to prevent any spillages from seeping through to the inside.

Trust us on this one, our production team, being as skilled as they are, still have spillage related accidents and a suitable apron has not only protected their skin from hot wax but also prevented them from ruining their clothes.


Respiratory masks are not necessarily essential for every *fragrance oil, however we recommend having them to hand as some fragrance oils may have warning to health identifiers on them. And if in doubt, wear one anyway.

Please note that a face covering is simply not efficient in these circumstances, as their purpose is to limit the volume and travel distance of expiratory droplets dispersed from your

mouth and nose. A respirator mask filters the inhaled air, protecting your lungs from exposure to harmful airborne particles.

*Mixing fragrance oils should always be done in a well ventilated environment.


Safety goggles can be worn at your discretion for most fragrance oils, however like for needing to wear a respirator mask, always watch out for warning to health identifiers.

While some oils may be safe to use without goggles, you may still find it more comfortable to wear them, as some oils' strength can irritate your eyes. They may also prove handy for the next time you cut up some onions in the kitchen.


You may end up looking like a mad scientist but personal safety is essential and easily achieved with a few little adjustments to what you wear while making your fragrance products. Remember everyone has had or will have a wax/oil related accident at some point in their home fragrance journey. So it’s best to be as prepared as you can be for when that happens.

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