How to delight your customers

by Paul Mayne

Customer Service Advice

When it comes to companies and their customer service, everyone strives to be the best. You can be different while still giving off a high level of customer care to each and every customer you encounter.

See what we did there..?

It’s not just a ‘service’ you’re providing your customers, it’s care and attention, while also making them feel valid and their points heard.

Happy Customer

There are a number of things you can implement to significantly improve your customer service to really get your customers loving you.

Always show empathy towards each customer, no matter their attitude towards you.

Some customers you may find aren’t having the best day personally, and will unintentionally take this out on you.

As hard as it may be, do not take this to heart, as you always want what’s best for the customer and your business, so keeping your cool plays a big part in your customer care.

Always be polite and compassionate with their complaints/queries regardless of their approach.

Rude, sarcastic, demeaning replies will get you nowhere, and will only result in a bad review of your company, and word can travel fast in this day and age.

You never know what someone is going through, so keeping calm and dealing with their issue in a positive way can instantly change a customer’s attitude towards you.

If they can see you’re helping as much as you possibly can, you will find they become a lot calmer to deal with and often apologise for their behaviour.

Do not engage in any argumentative conversations, some customers you will find can take pleasure in getting a rise out of you, only to be used against you and your business when writing an online review/telling friends and family.

Do not take anything personally, as we’ve said, it will be hard as your business is your life, but the calmer you are, and the less you rise to any conflict, the better it is for yourself and your business.

Always include an apology in your response, even if you feel like the fault isn’t from your end, you never want to point the blame and always want the customer to feel like you’ve heard and acknowledged their issue, after all they are the backbone of your business, so keeping them happy is key.

Angry Customer

When there is an issue regarding an order, which there will be, we’re all human and all make mistakes, there are a couple of things you could do to go the extra mile, and make your customer care stand out.

  • Include a small item as a token of appreciation/gift of apology with their replacements/next order, just to give that extra bit of customer care, and show them you’re sorry and appreciate their custom as well as telling them in the conversation you had with them.

  • Write a ‘sorry’ note and express just how sorry you are and how much you appreciate them being part of your business.

Anything you see fit that would satisfy your customers is always a plus, so put the extra effort in, it will benefit you in the long run.

You want to make your responses to customers quick, easy and hassle free for them, especially if they are at work for example, they do not want to be hanging around awaiting an answer from you when they themselves are trying to get their job done, aside from this you also want to be as informative as you can.

Try to get as much information as possible in the first response, if you know another question will follow on from the answer you’re giving, try to word your first answer to include as much information as you can.

Always show your gratitude towards your customers, again as mentioned, they are the backbone of your company, you wouldn’t be where you are without them, make them feel appreciated in every way possible.


Providing the absolute best customer service isn't rocket science. Just think about how you can make the lives of your customers as easy as possible and their interaction with your brand as pleasant as possible.

Stick to these methods and it will have a compounding effect on your business. They will spread your name far and wide!

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