How often should you clean your wax melt and candle making equipment?

by Zena Ugolini

Now, we know it's certainly not the fun part of the job, but it is required. But cleaning your equipment may not need to be cleaned as often as you may think, depending on what it is you use.

Small batch production

If you are creating wax melts, candles or any home fragrance product that requires heating the ingredients up before you pour it into it's product container, you will very likely be using a double boiler or soup kettle.

While a double boiler is more efficient when cleaned after each days use, a soup kettle only requires a scrub down once a week.

Why is this?

Double boilers will general only need a wipe down as they are not directly connected to any power supply. We find that when using a double boiler, it will just become second nature to wipe as you go, minimising the clean up job at the end of the day.

Soup kettles have their own heating elements, with a lid to retain the heat inside. The wax can then either be accessed with a ladle or a measuring jug from the top.

Because with a soup kettle you do not pour the contents from it, this does result in more mess on the outside. Cleaning frequently does not only make sure your products are free of any unwanted wax residue, but also ensures that your equipment is being used safely.

It's important to avoid adding any unnecessary hazards to your work area so cleaning up any wax or oil spillages will help reduce these.

Large batch production

As your business grows you may require to upgrade your equipment. This is very likely to be in the form of a wax vat. While these come in varying sizes, the difference in features is that it will enable you keep your wax melted ,when not in use, and to pour the wax directly from its tap into a jug or piston funnel.

These tend to keep cleaner than the alternative double boiler or soup kettles. So we recommend giving them a good clean inside and out once a month. 

Although sometimes they will require an additional clean on the outside more frequently.

In summary

If you are a steady and tidy worker then keeping on top of the cleaning will be a doddle. 

Cleaning your equipment frequently will help keep your products clean and beautiful, as well as assisting you in working in a safe environment with minimalist hazards.

Happy Crafting!


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