Free samples and how they can increase orders

by Zena Ugolini

freebie, sample,smallbathbomb,jarFree samples are a great way to invite customers to reorder from you. or order something that they wouldn't have normally.

Now the important thing to remember is that these should be no more than a sample product. If you give too much then they may not purchase the actual product as they simple don't need to.

Think if the free samples you can pick up from places like a makeup counter. The sample is literally for one application to let you test the product, then hopefully you'll love it and order more. Apply this to you free samples.

Examples of free samples:

If your purchasable product is say 100g, then the sample should be approximately 5-15% of this

  • Product = 100g wax melt pod/bar... Free sample = 2x small wax melt hearts
  • Product = 200ml body butter... Free sample = 15g sample in small tin
  • Product = 150ml room spray... Free sample = 15ml mini spray bottle
  • Product = large bath bomb... Free sample = 1-2 small bombs 
  • Product = large candle... Free sample = tea-light candle

How to present them

Now there is absolutely no point in just throwing a free sample in with the order, this means nothing to your customer and they may think it's a cast off or a mistake. Either way it looks unprofessional and lazy!

We recommend popping the sample in an organza or small paper bag that you can then attach to a small card. This card can not only provide a heartwarming message but should also hold the necessary CLP information.

Give them details of what it is a sample of and how they can order the actual product if they wish to. 

Ask for feedback on the sample. this not only includes your loyal customers on your business journey, but lets them know that as you are making the products for them, you really appreciate their opinions and critique.

Make it an incentive

There really is no harm in making the free samples into a marketing campaign.

Create social media posts and emails letting people know that for every order over a certain value or every order placed on a certain date, will receive a free sample. If the free sample is well thought out and beneficial to your customer, this WILL increase order volume. 

Everyone loves a freebie.

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