Christmas product photography for your wax melts & candles

by Zena Ugolini


We know, we know. It's not Christmas yet! But when you run your own business, Christmas really never stops.

By now you may have an idea of what products you would like to sell over the Christmas period, however have you started taking photos for your website and social media content yet.

Colour theme and props

Christmas is certainly exciting and its easy to get carried away with all of the decorations. But have a serious think about what you wan to convey to your customers. For example:

  • warm reds and golds = gives a cosy and traditional feeling
  • cool blues and silvers = a fresher feeling with a modern twist
  • pine cones, woods and spruces = carries through a natural/earthy aesthetic

Make a list of everything you will need. Some of this you may have already, from decorating your own home, so tick those bits off. there really is no point buying more if you already have it to hand. Save those pennies for other purchases where possible.


Think about where you will be taking the photographs as well. The last thing you want is to order in all of these beautiful and ornate decorations, only to have them photographed on a floor that doesn't match the theme.

An easy remedy is NOT to rip up the current flooring but to dress it with something wintery like a knitted blanket, fluffy tree skirt or get your hands on a few wooden floor panels that you can remove when necessary.


Remember that lighting can make all the difference between an ok photo and an amazing photo. And you don't need to worry about buying in expensive equipment. A few desk lamps with do or you can even order some beginner studio lamps online for under £30.

The trick is to not point the light directly at the product, but more of at an angle towards the side. This will give you a softer light and more options when it comes to editing the photos.


Whilst running content for your Christmas range, you will likely have your usual products running also. Make sure your customers can distinguish between the two by insuring that anything Christmas related, follows the them you have planned.

The easiest way of achieving this is only taking photos of said Christmas products in your designated "christmas" set up.

What fragrance oils to use

At Craft HQ we have a wide range of beautiful fragrance oils to suit everyone's preference. A few returning fragrance oils we have already are:

First Footing 

A sticky fruit cake, wrapped in a jacket of shortcrust pastry, this Scottish Black Bun blends spicy cinnamon, mellow nutmeg and smoky saffron with sweet notes of dried fruit and warm vanilla. An added smouldering charcoal note combines all the good luck gifts that the Scottish First Footers can bring to you on New Years’ Day.

Rubies & Gold

An adventurous combination of vibrant white mulberry with deep red rose and peony. Darkest green ivy and hawthorn give a green outdoor freshness.

Notes: Leather, Cinnamon, Clove, Carnation, Amber, Wood Smoke.

Smoke & Mirrors

A majestic Christmas pine festooned with botanical decorations; cinnamon stick bundles, dried orange segments and bouquets of star anise and clove. Earthy moss blankets the boughs and trunk.

Notes: Pine, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Apple, Moss.



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