Candle Making Must Haves

by Eliza Fisher

Candle Making Must Haves

Candle Making Must Haves!

1. Wick Holders 

These make sure that your wick stays straight and upright. If you own the metal holders (as shown)⁠ they have different settings in case you were creating a double wick candle.⁠

2. Thermometer 

A thermometer will become your best friend in candle-making as it is super important to check your temperature of your wax throughout various stages including when melting, adding fragrance, dye and pouring into a container.⁠

3. Double boiler 

Double boilers are great for those who are ready to take their candle making to the next level. They are easy to use, clean and hold the temperature for the wax longer. ⁠

4. Wax Pouring Jug 

As these are also made from stainless steel, they can hold the temperature a lot longer. They are also easy to clean and it means you do not have to use a jug from your kitchen!⁠

5. Glue Dots 

These make sure that your wick stays in place and does not move whilst the wax is being poured into the jar. ⁠

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