A Pint Of Guinness fragrance oil

by Tamar Mayne

This February brings you the first launch in a range of new unique fragrance oils designed to encapsulate the next season. 

Spring scents are traditionally floral in nature and can often leave your customers feeling bored with the same types of aromas. This year we have specially designed fragrances that will make your candles and wax melts stand out from the crowd. Why not stand out and grab your customers' attention with a new collection. 

First up is A Pint Of Guinness.  


A Pint Of Guinness is a rich fragrance of Guinness, creamy vanilla, and coconut with touches of aromatic coffee, moss, patchouli and cedarwood. With top notes of Guinness, Vanilla, and Butter supporting mid notes of Coconut and Coffee, this is a great scent that’s truly reminiscent of the drink. Base notes of Moss, Patchouli and Cedarwood add depth to this truly unique aroma. 


How can I sell these new fragrance oils? 

Taking a chance on new fragrances can be daunting as you’re unsure what will be a good seller with your customers. A good way to be able to sell new, and especially unique wax melts and candles is by categorising them into collections. 

Creating collections so your customers can easily identify which scents are for which season is a great way to market new fragrances. It gives your customers a base to work from when deciding which of your products to purchase. 

Alongside collections trying to aim for holidays such as Valentines or Christmas is always a good way of attracting the attention of your current customer base but also acquiring new customers. 

A Pint Of Guinness would fit perfectly into a Spring collection or even highlighting a holiday such as St Patrick's Day. Try out this unique fragrance oil for your wax melt and candle business today and help your customers welcome in the Spring with incredible aromas. 

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