3 Reasons To Trim Your Wicks

by Tamar Mayne

3 Reasons To Trim Your Wicks


1. Keeps the flame under control

By trimming your candle’s wick, it can keep the flame from going out of control and becoming dangerous. A healthy flame height should typically be 1⁄2 inch to 1 inch. If you leave your candle wick untrimmed, the flame can become too tall and increase the risk of a fire. Also, by having a tall flame it can cause your candle to burn improperly as too much heat will generate from the flame and make the wax melt faster.


2. Prevents tunnelling in your candle

Trimming your wick also helps create an even and clean burn, which means no sink holes, no tunneling and no leftover wax on the side of your candle jar. By preventing tunneling and sinkholes, it means your candle’s life span will increase (up to 24% longer!) and you can burn almost all the way down to the last drop of wax!



3. Prevents black smoke stains on your candle jar

We all like to keep our candles maintained and to look pretty, so by keeping your wick trimmed it will help ensure that the wick burns optimally without too much candle wax being delivered to the flame. Carbon build upon the end of the wick is a natural byproduct of burning a candle. This can look like a large, black, mushroom-like shape on the end of the wick. If this is left too long, this will lead to ‘smoking’ when lit and result in a smoke trail when blown out.



Now it’s time for you to go and trim all of your candle’s wicks to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of them!

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