Winter Trends 2023

by Eliza Fisher

Winter Trends 2023

Winter is only around the corner, which is the prime time for the candle/wax melt industry!

With cosy nights in and Christmas approaching, it is important to be prepared for winter/christmas campaigns!
Here are some predicted Winter trends for the candle industry in 2023:

1. Time To Get Together

This time of year is when families and loved ones get together for parties and gatherings; however, this also gives the need for peace and tranquillity.

Scent Suggestions

Festive FiresideSpiced Cappuccinounder the mistletoeSpiced pear and musk
Festive Fireside
Wrap up warm and embrace all that the day has to offer. Notes of sweet orange and citrus fill your nose and lightens the wood from the open fireplace. Cinnamon, clove and pine all wrap around you in a comforting hug. A truly festive fragrance.
Top - Orange, Citrus, Aldehydic, Lemon
Midd - Spicy, Clove, Pine, Cinnamon, Herbal
Base - Malt, Woody, White musk
Spiced Cappuccino
Our Spiced Cappuccino fragrance oil is strong and full of flavour! A strong coffee scent with a hint of spice makes this a sophisticated and delightful cappuccino fragrance oil.
Under The Mistletoe
Step under the mistletoe with the one you love. Soft and comforting sandalwood embraces you while the cool air fills your lungs. Don't be nervous, pucker up!
Top: Creamy, powdery
Midd: sandalwood, aldehydes
Base: vanilla
Cranberry, Orange + Cinnamon
A sweet blend of cranberries with a zesty burst of orange. Warmed with deep spicy notes of cinnamon and hints of clove. A truly traditional Christmas scent.
Top: Cranberry
Midd: Orange zest
Base: Cinnamon, clove
Colour Suggestions
trend 1 colour sugestions

2. Merry Christmas

This trend you will see time and time again as Christmas comes around! This is a major theme in winter as the main focus is the joy and excitement this season brings!
Scent Suggestions
Warm Milk and Nutmegchristmas memoriesgingerbread housefirst footing
Warm Milk And Nutmeg
It's late at night and you're having trouble sleeping but not to worry, we have the perfect calming drink to help. Fresh milk is warmed through with spices and nutmeg. Add a dash of vanilla and caramel to sweeten and off to bed you go for a restful night.
Top: Cardamone, Nutmeg, Xmas Spices,
Midd: Milk, Cream, Warm Milk, Black Pepper,
Base: Vanilla, Caramel, Gourmand
Christmas Memories
A warm and inviting Christmas scent, with notes of orange, cinnamon, vanilla and an eclectic mix of Christmas spices. A calming fragrance to make you feel relaxed and give balance & tranquillity.
Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Petit Grain
Mid: Mandarin, Aldehydic, Cinnamon, Clove
Base: Peach, Vanilla
Gingerbread House
The scent of freshly baked gingerbread fills the house. Grandma has been up baking all night se we can construct the gingerbread house together. Sweet notes of icing to hold the walls in place entwine beautifully with the spicy cinnamon and clove. A truly tradition festive scent.
Top: Cinnamon, gingerbread,
Midd: spicy, clove
Base: Sugar
First Footing
A sticky fruit cake, wrapped in a jacket of shortcrust pastry, this Scottish Black Bun blends spicy cinnamon, mellow nutmeg and smoky saffron with sweet notes of dried fruit and warm vanilla. An added smouldering charcoal note combines all the good luck gifts that the Scottish First Footers can bring to you on New Years’ Day.
Notes: Saffron, Winter Spices, Fruit Cake, Charcoal, Shortcrust Pastry.
Colour Suggestions
trend colours 2

3. Time To Start Again

Once Christmas and celebrations have come to an end, a lot of people will be thinking of their new years’ resolutions! This is the time to refresh your homes, ready for the new year!
Scent Suggestions
mint snowballsfrost patternapple pine and mossstress relief
Mint Snowballs
With vibrant peppermint and bitter orange, this fragrance reminds you of the biting wind outside. This cosy snowball marries the tart cold of the British weather with a comforting core of buttery vanilla, warm nuts and creamy coconut and white chocolate.
Top: Aldehyde, ice, mint
Midd: Butter, vanilla, hot nuts
Base: White chocolate, creamy coconut
Frost Patterns
This unique and intriguing scent will catch your breath with it’s aromatic notes of camphor tree and metallics, leaving behind a refreshing hit of cool mint.
Top: camphor tree and aldehyde
Midd: metallics
Base: cool mint
Apple, Pine + Moss
Crunch, crunch, crunch go the leaves underfoot on this early morning walk. With notes of crisp apple and pine resting on woody undertones this comforting yet refreshing aroma truly captures the beauty of outdoors.
Top: apple, pine
Midd: moss, fallen leaves, pine cones
Base: leather, cedarwood
Stress Relief
The cool and revitalising fragrance of eucalyptus is enhanced by a heart of hyacinth and winter rose. With delicate notes of rosemary and musk this aroma brings a refreshing aroma to your home.
Colour Suggestions
trend 3 colours

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