Valentines Day: What to sell & social media content ideas

by Zena Ugolini

Valentines Day Fragrance Oils

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s undeniably a great opportunity to bring in some extra sales. And it’s a perfect chance for customers to share your brand name. If you think about it, any time of the year when gifts are exchanged is a great way to promote your products. Just make sure your products and social media content are worthy of talking about in preparation for these events. 

As for Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips on what you can do to entice those love bugs to spoil their crushes with your products.


At Craft HQ we have a great selection of fragrance oils that are perfect for gifting that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s dupes of your favourite, floral, sweet, foodie, musky or fresh scents, these are all ideal for singular products or more extravagant selection boxes. 

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Photo Props

From roses, chocolates, sparkles and more, this is certainly the fun part and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. 

Skip the fresh roses, those bad boys are costly… instead get to your local home decor store nice and early and pick up some romantic fabric roses. These look beautiful in photos and will last a lifetime.

Chocolates are a sure way to most people’s hearts and are year in year out one of the most popular valentines day purchases, so use this to your advantage in your photos. They can be as fancy as you want, but remember, if you are anything like our creative team, they will only last as long as you can resist them.

Sparkles always add that extra bedazzle to photos, but use them sparingly, overdoing anything glittery can very quickly cheapen your photos.

Selection Box

When it comes to a home fragrance business, we know that customers will always have their favourites, but they also love trying out new scents. So why not create a pre- made selection box of your recommended scents, add some fancy tissue paper and an elegant bow and VOILA!! You have yourself a fancy pants valentines selection box to sell.

This is also a nifty trick to encourage customers to use fragrances they wouldn’t necessarily pick themselves and will hopefully inspire them to buy these “new” fragrances again and again.

Set the Scene

OK, this is not to be skipped. When it comes to marketing for Valentines Day, you want your customers to imagine that moment their loved one smiles, as they gift them your product. 

You want them to imagine making memories that are sparked by using your products, for example, imagine these setting the scene posts: 

  1. From the perspective of the person giving the gift. Have a hand extending from the angle of the person taking the photo. In their hand is one of your products, out reaching towards their excited (slightly out of focus) loved one or crush. This then draws the viewer's attention to this person having a fluttery moment of the heart.
  1. Off centre and in the foreground is a beautiful wax warmer or candle which sets the photos aesthetic. In the off focus background is a couple (or of a happily single person, no judgement here) sitting on their sofa and relaxing together with contented smiles on their faces.
  1. Or set the scene in the evening outside. Have a couple holding hands whilst seating on a wooden deck or a wall. In the further background you can make out the glow of fairy lights. Their backs are to the camera and to the side of them (and slightly closer to the camera) are your products. 

The important aspect to remember here, is to allow your viewers to imagine they are one of those people in the photo. In all three of these examples the subject is out of focus or with their face turned away from the camera.

Heart Shaped Creations

A simple but effective way to make your products more valentines specific is to experiment with novelties. No we don’t mean the tacky kind of novelty, it’s more orientated towards subtle shape changes, like an elegant heart label to go on a simple candle, or crafting your wax melts into small hearts.

Make it Easy

Most importantly, make sure you don’t over complicate the buying process. This starts from the first moment potential customers see your post, it needs to immediately show them that:

  1. They know exactly what they are buying
  2. They know how and where to buy it 

While some people will spend hours looking for that perfect gift, others may not be sure what the recipient would like, they simply don’t have the time and some of us have a short attention span and move on to the next idea before yours has taken hold.

So make it as easy and straightforward as you can.


Plan and advertise early. Remember to use props that showcase the romantic aspect of your products. Use clever photos that will allow your customers to be part of the romance. Keep it simple and straightforward.

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