Summer Trends 2023

by Eliza Fisher

Summer Fragrance Oil Trends 2023

As the candle industry continues to grow, it’s important for candle businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. With the warmer months arriving, consumers are wanting to feel refreshed and reinvigorated with fresh scents and vibrant colours.

Here are some predicted summer trends for the candle industry in 2023: 

1.Nature’s Way

This trend is all about getting back outside and feeling re-connected to nature. These scents will include herbal notes of Thyme and Sage along with the relaxing earthy smells like sea salt.


Scent Suggestions

       Herbal Remedy Have a bathThe LibraryCoral Ocean       
A fresh green herbal accord opening with crisp eucalyptus, citrus nuances and lush galbanum leading to a herbal heart of aromatic rosemary cool lavender and hints of pine supported by a base of softwoods and sweet musk.
Top: Eucalyptus, Citrus
Midd: Galbanum, Rosemary, Lavender
Base:Pine, Soft wood, Sweet musk
Similar in style to Avobath by Lush.
One of the most revitalising and energising scents in our collection. This has a sweet herbal blend of bergamot and lemongrass with fruity undertones. It has a big fizzy kick which will wake you up and give you a new lease of energy!
The Library
Take a stroll through the Library, browse the shelves and choose your favourite book! Sharp grapefruit and herbal cassis create an exhilarating blend while soft patchouli and earthy cedar peak through to ground you and provide some
much needed warmth and comfort.
Top: Grapefruit, Peppercorn
Midd: cassis, vetiver
Base: patchouli, cedar
Coral Ocean
Similar in style and identity to the Deep Sea Minerals fabric conditioner by Lenor. This fragrance oil has a fruity floral scent with hints of apple, peach, rhubarb, eucalyptus and neroli, leaving jasmine, rose and other herbal scents.

Colour Suggestions

Colour Scheme for Nature's Way


2. Juicy Fruits

This trend includes your classic summer colours and scents expected every year from
consumers to make them feel vibrant and radiant. These scents include:
mouth-watering watermelon, juicy peach, sweet strawberries etc...

Scent Suggestions

Cranberry and limeSweet appleFruit punchCherry Bakewell


Cranberry + Lime

An unusual blend of zesty and rich notes. Bursting with juicy cranberry and red berries with just a hint of lime, this aroma is rich, warming and deeply fruity

Top: Cranberry, Lime
Midd: Red Berries
Base: Sweet Sugar

Sweet Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A sweet and juicy apple scent that will make you long for a bite. Ripe and ready Sweet Apple is the perfect scent to dazzle your customers this spring.

Top: Green apple
Midd: Aldehyde
Base: Apple flesh

Fruit Punch

A juicy blend abundant with juicy fruits. With top notes of red berries, raspberry and grapefruit resting on sweet peach and rhubarb. This fragrance oil really packs a fruity punch.

Top: Grapefruit, raspberry, red berries
Midd: Juicy peach, rhubarb
Base: Musk, sugar

Cherry Bakewell
Sweet and moreish! This Cherry Bakewell scent will transport you to standing in line at the local bakery on a Sunday morning hoping to get your hands on a sweet treat or two.

Top: Glassier cherries, Icing
Midd: Pastry, butter
Base: Vanilla, sugar

Colour Suggestions

colour scheme for juicy fruits


3. Tropical Paradise

This trend is all about relaxation on those tropical sands and breathing in the warm
salty air. With soft notes of citrus and tropical flowers accented with the classic
coconut and pineapple tones will turn anyone’s home into a beautiful oasis.

Scent Suggestions

tranquil island sandspineapple partytropical oasislime and coconut

Escape to an exotic island with this blend of sunny citrus and tropical fruits revealing a sweet floral heart of pink jasmine, osmanthus and lily accords. Dry woods, musk, vanilla and sand nuances complete the fragrance.

Pineapple Party

A sticky sweet summer delight! Notes of ripe strawberry and exotic pineapple are blended with a creamy base of vanilla.

Top: Strawberry
Mid: Pineapple, Green
Base: Vanilla

Lime and Coconut

The ultimate tropical treat. Lime with a generous splash of coconut which will transport you to a deck chair on a warm sandy beach. Warmed with a base of soft musk and vanilla this creamy and zesty scent will pack a punch!

Top: Creamy, Coconut
Mid: Lime, Zest
Base: Vanilla, Musk

Tropical Oasis

A sun-drenched delight of lemon zest, pear and passionflower balanced by floral oasis of watery jasmine and rose. Contrasting powdery notes of velvety smooth musks warmed by arid cedar and diffusive amber complete this diverse fragrance. This scent truly captures the essence of serenity.

Colour Suggestions

tropical paradise colour scheme


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