Increasing sales with gift cards

by Zena Ugolini

hands,gift,present,holdinggiftChristmas is the best time of year for bringing in sales to your business.

Naturally people are spending more money creating that festive atmosphere and treating people to wonderful gifts.

And when it comes to gifts, some people are either stuck in what to get others, or wish to gift them something they know that they will love. And that's where gift cards/vouchers come in handy to your business.

What value should they be?

It's always best to accommodate to different levels of affordability. For example have gift cards or vouchers in a multitude of denominations. This should start as small as £5 and increase in increments such as:

  • £10
  • £15
  • £20
  • £50

These can be digital gift cards/vouchers that can be sent via email or physical cards/vouchers that can be sent in the post inclosed in a gift envelope. 

When to start selling these?

NOW! Start selling these straight away. That way when the recipient receives it they are likely to go straight to your website to start shopping.

We find that 9/10 times they will add products to their basket that is a greater value to the gift card/voucher that they have received. This of course means more revenue coming into your business and a higher chance of that new customer returning in the future.

Get involved with platforms for handmade and unique gifts

We have seen an increase in demand for more unique gifts, with sites like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet and others similar, selling products that are handmade or created in small batches.

So it really is the perfect time to get your brand's name out there, into the minds of customers looking for these type of products.



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