How To Use: AI

by Eliza Fisher

How To Use AI

With 2024 around the corner, it is important to stay up to date with what trends are coming... 


What is AI?

There have been a lot of rumours about how AI is coming to take people's jobs but that is not the case. Artificial intelligence has lots of abilities, ranging from the ability to perform basic admin tasks, to making informed conclusion on complex concepts. A part of AI includes machine learning, which refers to specifically programmed computers that can continue to learn with the more data it processes without the assistance of humans.


Customer Service and Success

AI can be extremely effective in helping to improve the over customer service experience. AI can also help staff handle fewer inquiries and reduce workflow. For every business it is always important that customer service standards are high and a human touch cannot be overstated. There are many ways you can implement AI into your business such as chatbots. These can easily improve your customer experience as they can give instant solutions to your customers and make them feel heard.


Replacing Email Interactions

Email bots can automate and can automate end-to-end customer service. This helps save customer support time on repetitive queries that can be resolved by the automatic retrieval of information. Email bots can also help deal with simpler enquiries such as updates and progress allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks.


Outreach and Sales

AI decision-making can assist with lead generation and lead scoring before determining the appropriate marketing campaign. AI uses hard-data such as previous usage, past orders and surveys to acquire sales insights that a human never could.

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