How to prepare for your next product launch.

by Zena Ugolini

productlaunch,ipad,calendar,prepOk, so it's not just about prepping your products for a collection launch, but it's also just as important to prep your customers.

What do we mean by prepping customers?

No, it doesn't mean wrapping them up in parcel tape or making sure they have counted their pennies prior to the launch date.

It's simply showing them what will be on offer prior to the launch. That way they have time to make the decision on whether they order from you. And yes we know, you absolutely hope that they will order from you, but make sure it's done in the right way for how you wish your brand to be perceived.

You can hard sell, by telling them how much they need your products in their lives, or you can let your products do the talking.

If you choose the latter, think about when a good time to start showcasing these new products should be. For example, if you are launching on a Saturday morning a good time to start is at least 3 days prior.

Why not shout about it sooner?

If you are using social media, It's very easy to over saturate your own posts with too much going on. And when you showcase one particular product or collection at a time, it shows your confidence in it/them and thats why it has your focus at that time.

Giving confidence in a subtle way is prepping your customers for the launch. 

You can also achieve this by posting about the behind the scenes and the finished products. Talk about the scent description and how the customer can benefit from it. Incorporate relatable discussions to help customers engage and imagine themselves owning this product.

What if it's a big launch event?

As you grow, so will your launches. This is when you want to start thinking about giving your customers more time prior to the launch date.

The best way to do this is with a teaser flyer or leaflet included with every order leading up to the launch date.

If it is a seasonal release, like Autumn or Christmas, remember to create some urgency by advising that it is also limited edition.

Hold some live videos and briefly discuss with your followers of how ideas are in motion and about how excited you are to be able to share what these are closer to the launch.

Then once it is close enough, start posting about all of these ideas and products leading up to the launch date.

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