Measuring marketing campaigns

by Zena Ugolini

Marketing is a key ingredient to the success of your business. So creating marketing campaigns is essential for that success to be a reality.

While there are many and some very creative campaigns to try out, when you are in the early days of your business, you should also be taking into consideration the time, money and effort of implementing these. As everything comes at a cost in some way.

A quick, easy and effective marketing campaign is to introduce unique codes for your existing and potentially new customers. This code can simply give them a discount off of their next order... and as a bonus it takes very little time to set up.

What to look out for

When those orders come in with the code applied, you can get a clear idea of how successful it has been.

For example, if the code is applied to approximately the same amount of orders over say a week, then you know your marketing campaign is reaching your existing customers or less. If you have an increase of orders to what you would normally receive, then this is likely an indication of the marketing campaign working its magic.

Don't forget the rest

Of course there are other factors to take into account, for example: if you have launched a specific and unique product (like a limited edition collection) or it is typically a good time of year (like Christmas).

A great way of accurately gauging the success of a marketing campaign is to run them at various stages of the year. You will then start to have a more experienced idea of what months are better for business, what products your customers enjoy more and of course what the marketing campaigns should look like for these.

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